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Opal Blue supports innovative technological companies through both, direct investment and sweat equity, we also provide assistance in every part of the financing process from developing strategic business plans to locating financing for start-ups and growing SMEs.

We also investigate funding opportunities for our customers, we analyse the capital needs and structure of the company and connect the client to the right investors and business partners.

Opal Blue’s investment

Opal Blue invests in selected firms with high growth potential and supports their international expansion. Typically our investments emerge after carrying out a project with the company and becoming familiar with its operations. Opal Blue usually takes a an advisory role and invests money, time, experience and dedication working together with the founders to build successful businesses.

Growth funding services

Opal Blue’s Growth funding services have been developed to help promising startups and SMEs raise the funds they need to improve their operational performance, grow and compete in the marketplace.

With several years of experience in the field and through established relationships with various public and private funding sources, we can increase your company’s chances of obtaining financing. Our Growth funding service packages include:

  • Fundability review. Analysis of the fundability of the company and development proposal for financing
  • Investor/Financier material update. Evaluation and update of the business model and investor material  focusing on fundability and according to basic requirements of investors
  • Investor contacts and negotiations. List of potential investors/financiers, participation in meetings and negotiations and preparation of the investment proposal.