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International Business

Improve your chances of success in foreign markets

We support your internationalisation by offering an extensive network of competence through strategic partnerships and a range of business solutions including internationalization planning, market research, market selection, market entry strategy, partner search and lead generation, company/product branding, business material creation and localisation.

Increasing sales, enhancing competitiveness and supporting long term sustainability are important benefits a firm could seize with international expansion. Yet, deciding which markets are more suitable for a company’s activities is a challenging process that requires an extensive analysis of several internal and external factors affecting the business and a clear understanding of local culture and business regulations and practices.

Success in foreign markets is preceded by deep knowledge of the marketplace, a carefully designed strategy and deliberate execution. Opal Blue tailors corporations towards international expansion by forming automated, successful and innovative business practices. Our wide network of partners, coupled with the technical know-how and skills of our experts give us the ability to help your firm identify and capitalize on the opportunities overseas markets offer.

Opal Blue works with organisations varying from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations providing them with an unparalleled competitive advantage in international expansion.

Opal Blue also delivers sales and marketing channels to the Asia-Pacific market and further expedites your access to the region through its subsidiary, Opal Blue Solutions »