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Customised Services

Combining advanced analytical expertise and significant experience in different industry sectors and markets, Opal Blue offers consulting services that are tailored to particular business situations. We can build a customised package and meet our customers’ very specific needs with a combination of the following services:

Business Development

Opal Blue’s business development services cover the most critical areas of business management at any stage of the company life cycle. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each customer and help them optimize their business processes and strategies to ensure profitability.

Business Planning

Opal Blue’s business planning services are directed to entrepreneurs looking for expert strategic advice and startup funding as well as for growing companies developing new products or entering new markets.

Business Plan for Startups

We help entrepreneurs to clarify their business ideas and develop clear, concise and effective business plans to meet their goals and objectives. Our business plans are easily adaptable to new opportunities and also suitable for presenting to Finnvera, Ely, business angels or potential investors.

Business Plan Update

Economic climate and market conditions are in constant change and business plans need to be adjusted accordingly to reflect the current situation. Likewise, when companies are seeking additional financing, trying to reach different markets or start offering new products, they must ensure that their business plan is taking into consideration these new conditions because they will affect the results of their business.

Opal Blue can monitor the changes in your industry and market; we can assess the situation, identify new opportunities, review your strategies and help you determine all the changes that need to be made in order to optimize every aspect of your business.

Financial Plans

Opal Blue can help you forecast what are the resource implications and potential results of making an investment or starting a new project to expand your business.

Strategy Development

The Opal Blue team can offer you a solid development strategy that is based on research, expert analysis, proven experience and tailor-made thinking. We can help you develop an actionable strategic plan for long-term initiatives and to identify how you can best use your resources to create more value and perform better than your competition.

Marketing and Sales

Our consultants have the experience to help you assess, create and implement effective marketing strategies to promote your services and products more effectively. Our marketing services will be tailored to your specific businesses goals and target audiences.

Marketing planning

Our marketing planning service will give you the tools and information you need to find, attract and successfully communicate with your customers. Our marketing plans typically include: Current situation analysis, objectives, market research, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, market segmentation, pricing and marketing strategies.

Sales planning

Opal Blue’s sales planning services have been specifically designed to help our customers to be more effective in their sales efforts. Taking into consideration the factors that are specific to your business and sales situation we will provide you with a comprehensive and workable sales plan featuring targets, priority actions, sales processes and activities needed to reach your sales goals.

Sales audits

Opal Blue’s sales audit is designed to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire sales process of your firm. By assessing the true state of your company’s sales function we can help you optimize the whole process and develop your sales force’s capability to execute with excellence. Our sales audits are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

Corporate Branding and Product Branding

Branding can help your company to differentiate from competitors and create a positive and lasting engagement with your audience. Whether you seek product branding, corporate brand promotion or a combination of the two, Opal Blue has the expertise in managing branding from concept to execution, we can help you create and build a brand that truly connects with your customers and facilitates the achievement of your strategic and financial goals.

Service Productisation

Productizing professional services can make them easier to market, sell, and deliver. Productisation supports consistent and repeatable service delivery which in turn increases customer satisfaction and improves profitability. With long experience and expertise in several industries, the Opal Blue team can help you productize and develop your service in a package that is more concrete and compelling in the eyes of your customer.

Product Development

Opal Blue offers a variety of innovative product development services ranging from conceptualization to product development engineering and technology consulting.

Resource Outsourcing

Whether you are developing new products, taking on a venture, improving business processes, or implementing new systems; outsourcing management functions such as CIO, CFO or CEO is an excellent and cost effective way to ensure the project is carried out with the highest expertise.

Our business development experts can become part of your company and directly lead your team throughout the project or they can support its development from an advisory role.