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Business Case Analysis

A thorough analysis of the key factors affecting your business project

A service specially designed for companies that are introducing a new product/service, exploring new markets or entering different business areas, Opal Blue’s Business Case Analysis provides you with the facts and information needed to corroborate the viability of an initiative.

Our business case analysis is a robust and well documented study that brings together relevant industry knowledge and a thorough analysis of key elements affecting the business case. It includes relevant market information, detailed analyses of costs, benefits, risks, alternative solutions, and profitability scenarios that can be easily compared to other opportunities.

Based on extensive market research and well-known business case calculation models, our service adds value to your project through a methodical study of the key variables affecting the business case and the analysis of different profitability scenarios created with factual data and forecasts collected during the research phase.

Opal Blue’s Business Case Analysis Services are tailor made on a case-by-case basis and they providean ideal tool for companies that are expanding to new business areas, planning to launch new products, looking for financing or starting a new business.