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Market research

Understand your market and customers

Opal Blue provides relevant and unbiased market research studies that are tailored to specific business situations. Our research reports and analyses empower our customers with the knowledge to better understand their markets and make excellent business decisions.

Feasibility studies

From the startup perspective, market research refers to the objective examination of the startup’s economic viability. Opal Blue can gather and analyse all the information you need to assess the risk of the startup idea, we will help you to understand your potential customers, competitors and the market in general so you can evaluate alternatives and make a well-informed decision. A thoroughly investigated feasibility study will give you a great basis for your business plan.

Market Assessment

Opal Blue’s experts can provide you with a focused and objective assessment that defines what markets could be the most successful for your product or service and give you the strongest possibility of growth

This study can be carried out in the different markets you want to assess and it includes an overview of the industry, demand and trends, competitive landscape and the regulatory issues that may have an effect on your business.

Market Analysis

Taking your product to a new market or launching a new product requires a deep understanding of the underlying risks and opportunities involved in the process.

Opal Blue’s market analysis will provide you with the essential information you need to determine if there is a need for your product in a given market; and if so, how to successfully develop your offering for the chosen market.

We will start the process by gathering relevant qualitative and quantitative data, then we will proceed with the analysis that includes valuable insights regarding market needs, size, trends, existing competition, price levels, potential customers and business partners. All this information will allow you to gain a competitive edge and it will give you the right tool to make an informed decision about a new market.